League at a Glance

Hit the Net Hockey League consists of:

30 teams representing the 30 NHL cities

23 player NHL roster comprised of a minimum of 4 LW, 4RW, 4C, 6D, 2G and up to 3 roster spots of any position.

10 prospect level players in the minor league of each team


Skaters on the active roster get 1 point for a goal or an assist

Goaltenders receive 2 points for a win, 3 additional points for a shutout, and 1 point for an assist or goal

Trades are welcome and encouraged as are waiver wire and free agent pickups.

Every year teams will decide on their keeper strategy. There are two options:

Keep 9 Forwards, 5 D, and 1 Goalie or

Keep 7 Forwards 3 D, and 2 Goalies

For details on all the rules see the collective bargaining agreement or hop over to the forum.