League History

Hit the Net Hockey is a group of hockey fans who participate in an online keeper league.

The league’s roots began in the summer of 2009 when a member of the popular online message forum Calgary Puck posted asking if anyone was interested in participating in a keeper league. This was to be no ordinary keeper league though. The goal was to somewhat accurately replicate the role of an NHL general manager. This would not be a standard pick about a dozen players from the cream of the NHL crop and see how many points you could rack up. This league would be much deeper. For starters, all 30 NHL teams were represented with a full 23 man roster plus an additional 7 prospects. Yep, 900 players in total. This concept ensured not just the obvious superstars were selected but GMs would have to also look down the depth chart and seek out the 3rd and 4th line guys who would get points. Find the hidden gems in the sea of muckers, grinders, and bubble players and the team will flourish.

Throughout August and September of 2009 the 30 GMs embarked upon one of the longest drafting exercises in the history of fantasy sports. For 30 rounds GMs selected players and traded picks to attempt to gain and edge. Through this long mark the rules of play were also developed and refined which led to many a discussion and heated moment. Looking back on it, it’s surprising in some ways the league pushed through to the end of the draft and didn’t implode at about round 10. We soldiered on though under the efforts of the moderators and primarily on the back of Hoot who had now taken over leadership of the league.

The first season of the league saw many twists and turns. The originator of the league left, some of the other GMs couldn’t hack it, found something strange called “a life” got in the way or simply were not a good fit and replaced. The league kept plugging along and while Hoot pulled back after an exhaustive draft process, FurnaceFace stepped in to fulfill the commissioner duties. The CBA was rewritten to clear up many of the half thought out ideas and the league became more streamlined and ran smoother.

At the same time GMs were busy trading and picking players up off the free agent pile while they looked for every edge. Ford Prefect became the clear front runner as the league’s trading king while the fight at the top of the league between Orange and Weiser Wonder raged on. As the calendar clicked over to a new decade it saw the emergence of a new threat to the two horse race as Flamestalker started making a run for the top.  As Flamestalker stalked the front runners he started selling his soul and any of his players he could to get an edge. Come April Flamestalker had taken the lead and in a very narrow and close finish managed to hold off Orange to be come the champion. A new replica jersey was his.

As the off season progressed it was time to move the league to it’s own location and take on a new identity and thus, Hit the Net hockey was born. The ideals of the league are still the same but it is now much stronger having survived the first year.